Air Date: May 15, 1999
Starring: Tracy Morgan, Chris Parnell, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Tracy Morgan's appearances as the Safari Planet host, who lacks any sort of legit zoology degree but boasts “a sixth grade education and an abiding love for all of God's creatures,” are easily his greatest (no matter how much we loved watching him hawk products as Maya Angelou). In a typical episode, the alternatingly enthusiastic and volatile title character sports clear lip gloss and get all sorts of Antoine Dodson-sassy with guests the second he feels his less-than-expansive animal knowledge is challenged.

Despite his flamboyance, though, we never actually see him kicking it to any of his more appealing (male) visitors, so your guess on his ambiguous sexual orientation is as good as ours. That said, humans aren't the only guests with whom Fellow has been known to butt heads; his adorable animal visitors are also fair game for his rage. In this particular episode, an "uppity" cow gets Brian's blood boiling.