NYPD sources just went on a long winded rant—just short of yelling "Get off my lawn!"—shaking their fists at New York Ferguson protestors for using technology like Twitter to organize. They referred to protesters as “techie brats.”  

According to the New York Post, one counterterror expert monitoring last week’s protests said, “They wore me out. Their ability to strategize on the fly is something we haven't dealt with before to this degree." Basically revealing that the NYPD is way over its head against today’s Twitter using, Instagramming youth. 

The source described protesters as “anarchists” from the Occupy Wall Street movement, who apparently hypocritically protested the 1% since they’re the 1% themselves:

“They are little rich kids, little techie brats. They get their money from Mommy and Daddy. And they travel from the West Coast to the East Coast and everywhere in between to disrupt events that involve corporate America, world summits, civil rights and especially those that involve law enforcement."

What exactly constitutes a techie brat? Glad you asked!

Per the source: “They have their little MacBook Air computers, their Wi-Fi, their smartphones…”

So basically everyone? Okay.

The NYPD expects to have their plans foiled by those meddling kids once again when an grand jury announces the decision for the Eric Garner case.

[via Gawker]