​Date: Sept. 28, 2011
Show: The Daily Show
Most uncomfortable moment: "See, you don't even know what the $16 muffin is!" —O'Reilly on government waste

"You say if Obama raises your taxes to 50% that you may not do your show anymore. What percentage of that threat is empty?"
"All of it."

On this occasion, the pundits kept it light because they knew they were treading familiar territory. The topic of discussion was taxation; specifically, how much should be paid, and how large the government should be. O'Reilly came armed with examples of government waste. Stewart retorted with the ways government has had a positive impact on our lives and how private enterprise is often more guilty of waste when they fill the void left by small government.

Only once did O'Reilly fall into the traditional conservative racially tinged, classist comments. O'Reilly said, "We have a trillion dollars in the underground economy." He then went on to complain about inner city drug dealers who aren't paying taxes on their Bentleys. Confused, and eager to get back to the discussion at hand, Stewart said, "In you mind, the debt crisis in this country is caused by renegade cocaine dealers?" Luckily for all of us watching, they quickly got back to more reasonable points on economic policy.