We're pretty sure cell phone service in rural Georgia has been spotty ever since some guy died, came back to life, and ate another guy's brain in The Walking Dead. But this season, which premieres Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST, Rick and his ragtag team of sentimental survivalists are going to make it to Washington D.C., find a cure, and get civilization—and Verizon—back up and running. (Wouldn't that be crazy if they actually accomplished something, though?)

Eventually they're going to need a specific set of emojis to talk to each other about how annoying Carl is, what they've been through, and who to pointlessly bury next. The standard prayer hands just won't do. Fortunately for them, we did the legwork and put together an entry-level set that should cover everything, from Daryl's crossbow to Beth's non-existence.