Bill Hader could have spent the rest of his career on Saturday Night Live and we'd never get tired of him.

He's that good, he's that versatile and even though you knew what was coming when he returned to host this week — Stefan,  Herb Welch, a Kristen Wiig cameo — it was still hilarious. 

Here are the highlights from the best episode of this season so far: 

Herb Welch

The ancient newsman returns (and so does new guy  Pete Davidson, who disappeared last week after stealing the whole premiere with his "Update" monologue). Best line: "Stick a  Zagnut in it sideburns."

39 Cents

Jay Pharoah rocking a "Buffalo Bills 1993 Super Bowl Champions t-shirt" is a brilliant detail in a brilliant commercial parody.

"Weekend Update" Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson explains why he spent half his net worth on a gold chain that he can never wear outside of his house. Just put this dude on "Weekend Update" every week. He doesn't even need to be in any other sketches.

"Weekend Update" Stefan

Da gawd is back.

Puppet class

As classic as the original puppet class sketch is, it's hard to believe that Hader only did it one time during his run on SNL. That puppet is definitely suffering from severe PTSD.