Do you play Frisbee Golf? If so it must follow that you smoke weed. That's according to an Iowa police officer who's gone viral for a video of him trying to search a car because he thinks all frolfers are stoners. 

In the video you can hear the following conversation between a motorist and the Ankeny police officer, who hasn't been identified: 

Cop: You play frisbee golf?
Motorist: I do actually. I play out at Heritage (Park).
Cop: OK. I need you to answer me a question. Why is it that everybody that plays Frisbee golf smokes weed?
Motorist: No, it’s not everybody. 
Cop: It’s everybody, man. You can’t tell me you never smoked weed. 
Motorist: I’m not gonna tell you one way or another. 
Cop: See, there you go. How much weed do you have in the car today?

From there the officer tries to get permission to search the car, permission the motorist smartly denies again and again. After the cop asks if that means he has weed in the car, the driver replies, "No I would say I have a problem with you searching my car because you’re profiling me based on being a disc golfer."

Boom. Roasted.

Now the Ankeny police chief has come out and apologized for his officer's behavior. "The officer engages the driver in a line of questioning that is foolish and not representative of the Ankeny Police Dept.'s training or interactions with the public," a statement said. "This verbal exchange did not meet the level of professionalism expected of Ankeny police officers."


[via NBC 13]