A riot broke out at the same youth detention center which over 30 teenage boys escaped from last week. 

According to the Tennessean, 24 youths were arrested during the early morning incident at Woodland Hills Youth Development Center in Nashville, Tenn. today. They reportedly managed to kick out the aluminum panels beneath their windows late last night, which is exactly how the 32 teens who fled the facility on Monday escaped. 

Teens were seen spraying fire extinguishers towards the sky, while others reportedly tried to break into other buildings using homemade tools. Authorities were forced to use a helicopter to keep a spotlight on the youths, and members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Department of Correction dressed in riot gear had to be summoned to calm the situation. 

The Tennessean reports that 10 of the masterminds behind this latest incident were taken to another facility, noting that some of the teens who were arrested this morning were also involved in the previous incident. 

[via The Tennessean]

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