Last night on The Colbert ReportStephen Colbert joined a group of right wing pundits who have been wondering out loud how fictional Frank Underwood from House of Cards would be handling the terrorist group known as ISIS. He'd get things done, Colbert posited, while President Obama "is overthinking this whole people-killing thing." Too bad House of Cards is just a TV show.

On that note, Kevin Spacey, dressed up as Frank Underwood (isn't he always these days?) emerged from the shadows. After bestowing some nonsensical Southern wisdom on how he makes shit happen, Underwood invited his fellow South Carolinian to Washington D.C. Colbert was just a little unnerved by the "warm" invitation—and he was right to be.

"Take the last train down. I'll meet you on the edge of the platform," Underwood told Colbert. "And Stephen, for reasons of security, if anyone asks where you're going, just say, 'to commit suicide.'"

People would vote for Kevin Spacey if he ran for president as Frank Underwood, right?

[via The Wrap]