Authorities in Florida arrested a woman earlier this month for stabbing a man in the neck after he refused sex with her. 

The Smoking Gun reports that Shakieria Anquanette Shan Long, 22, was at a cookout in Fort Pierce, Fla. with friends on Aug. 12 when she began arguing with 32-year-old Eugene Sylvester. The root of the argument? Long wanted to have sex with Sylvester, who brushed her off. According to a witness, Sylvester told Long to "go back where she had been all day and have sex." Ouch. 

Long, who reportedly babysat Sylvester's children, then proceeded to follow him into a room where she plunged a fork into his neck. The witness attempted to apply pressure to the wound while walking Sylvester home, but Long continued her attack, punching him in the face. 

Sylvester told authorities that he shrugged off Long's advances because she was too drunk. Stitches were needed to close the wound to his neck. Though he didn't want to press charges against Long, she was charged with felony battery and remains in a St. Lucie County jail cell because this incident violated her bond stemming from a June arrest. 

[via The Smoking Gun]

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