In 2009, Maziar Bahari was arrested in Iran and charged with espionage for his coverage of the elections being held there. Their proof? Posts from his Facebook page and an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

His 118 day captivity and interrogation by a man known to him only as “Rosewater” are captured in Jon Stewart’s writing and directorial debut Rosewater, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and will next be shown at the Telluride and Toronto Festivals. Gael García Bernal stars as Bahari, who wrote a book about his ordeal that served as the source material for his film.

Despite being a movie about oppression and intense interrogation, the trailer actually has a surprisingly upbeat feel. Knowing that Bahari is eventually freed, at least there’s hope for the audience even as they watch him suffer?

[via SlashFilm]