According to the Minneapolis City Pages, the man in the video above is a 27-year-old father named Chris Lollie.

Apparently, back on the morning of Jan. 31, someone called the cops to report a man loitering in front of the First National Bank in St. Paul, Minn. The disturbing video shows what unfolds next, when an officer arrives to investigate. 

As Lollie walks away, the female officer asks what the problem was between Lollie and a shopkeeper. 

"The problem is I'm black. That's the problem." Lollie finally replies. 

When a male officer shows up, identified in a police report as Bruce Schmidt, according to Gawker, things escalate. 

After explaining repeatedly that he's only there to pick up his kids from a nearby school, and that he thought he was waiting in a public area, both officers attempt to grab him. 

"Come on, brother ... This is assault," Lollie says.

"I'm not your brother," the male officer replies, demanding Lollie put his hands behind his back. 

Eventually Lollie drops the phone and the video cuts out, but you can clearly hear the sound of a taser, and Lollie screaming when it's used on him during his arrest. 

Here's what the St. Paul police said in their report, which comes via the City Pages

"Squad 524, M. Johnson/ 526, B. Schmidt were called to the First National Bank Building (332 Minnesota) on a report of uncooperative male refusing to leave. Officers later made contact with this male... who refused to cooperate and would not give his name. He was later arrested for Trespassing, Disorderly Conduct, and Obstructing Legal Process (Citation #620900211109)."

The charges were later dropped. According to the YouTube video description, Lollie didn't get his phone back from the police for months, which is why this video is surfacing now. 

[Via Gawker]