The good thing about TV shows that truly suck: More often than not, they don’t last very long. 2 Broke Girls and The Following are anomalies, somehow hooking enough masochistic viewers into their respective, though similarly frustrating, inefficiencies to remain on the air, even as critics brutalize them. Due to their maddening sustainability, those shows have become easy targets—it’s understood that they’re terrible, so discerning viewers have already moved on, including we here at Complex Pop Culture.

Besides, there are always plenty of lame to flat-out abysmal new shows to redirect vitriol towards, and, to this point, 2014 has been especially fruitful in that regard. The fruit in question has been rotten, of course, but also not everlasting. All ten of the duds included in our list of The Worst TV Shows of 2014 (So Far) have already been cancelled, meaning you’re about to embark on a painless journey through lameness. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, leading to a sign labeled “Casualties of Nielsen.”

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