Neighborhood: Flatiron 
Address: 1170 Broadway

Forget about the Wi-Fi leeching tech and media scene populating the lobby of the Ace Hotel right up the street. In fact, they're all the more reason to take refuge in the NoMad's dark hallways and various bars instead. The NoMad has a more international crowd attending to it, and its draw to jet-setting It-People has proven consistently powerful since the place has been open. Having a Maison Kitsune boutique for a "hotel store" doesn't hurt, and neither does a choice of six different spots within the hotel to grab a bite or a drink, most drawing from the same critically acclaimed menu, though with occasional distinctions.

We say hit the atrium during the day, one of the greatest naturally-lit spaces in New York to grab a cup of coffee or breakfast right now. But more than anywhere else there these days, it's the recently opened two-story bar room at The NoMad—replete with its own distinct cocktail and food menu from the restaurant, one that's already earning raves from New York City's most Twittered expense account holders—that's the place to be. Expensive as hell? Yes. But if you've got it, and got it to spend? Spend it here. - Foster Kamer