Neighborhood: Prospect Heights
Address: 825 Atlantic Ave.
Website: None

Hot Bird is a great place for people who like to spend time on Tinder. By that I mean Hot Bird is a great place for good-looking single Brooklynites looking to meet other good-looking single Brooklynites. It’s also a great place to drink if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like bars that allow babies or children (GUILTY.) This spacious neighborhood classic is housed in what was an old auto-body shop that was later turned into a BBQ joint called Hot Bird. That closed, and then the bar was born. (I am told people still travel to Hot Bird thinking it’s still a BBQ joint. Lucky for them, Little Brother BBQ is next door.) What I love most about Hot Bird is the spaciousness, the fact that there are no cocktail menus but the bartenders are brilliant mixologists, there are active fire pits during the winter, and the space is cavernous and dark enough to stay cool during the summer. I’ve had many dates at Hot Bird, but full confession, I’m really waiting for one of the bartenders to ask me out. — Lauretta Charlton