Neighborhood: Ridgewood
Address: 46-63 Metropolitan Ave.

They say it's as much if not more about the journey than it is the destination, right? Tell that to anyone who's tried walking out to the far reaches of industrial Bushwick, Brooklyn to get to Bun-Ker. But if they make it past the railroad tracks, and North Brooklyn's greatest/worst/only strip club Pumps, they will finally find what they have been looking for: A tiny shack of a building that serves Vietnamese food. And yet, it's a shack that holds wonders (and not even the kind that thinks "Bandz a Make Her Dance" is part of the Great American Songbook). Run by an odd combination of former four-star chefs and skate rats, Bun-Ker is everything you've heard about New York City's revolutionary Asian cuisine, but without the bullshit or frills. It all carries a core of authenticity that's filtered through smart adjustments to flavor that elevate it beyond the realm of religiously authentic and into a greater, higher purpose: Damn great food as a reasonable price. The bahn-mi is as close to a perfect sandwich as you'll find, as is the pho for a bowl of noodles, which goes without mentioning the tomato fried rice, the crab spring rolls, and so on. It's all great, and in a fun, communal, kinda BYOB environs. But the Bahn-Xeo is what you've come in search for—a stuffed and fried egg crepe as crispy as it is light, served with a handful of veggies and herbs to hold its contents: egg, shrimp, bacon, to name a few. It's the most unconventional egg sandwich you'll ever eat, and also, the greatest. Just make sure to get the appropriately decadent ending to that meal you deserve: A cab ride. Or a lap dance at Pumps. Either/or.— Foster Kamer