Neighborhood: SoHo
Address: 15 Mercer St.

There's no shortage of places to buy a decent, stylish pair of jeans in New York City. But for those religious about their denim—or who are just looking for that elusive, perfect pair—there's only one place you really need to go: 3x1, the brainchild of former Evisu designer and Paper, Denim, Cloth founder Scott Morrison. And while 3x1's Mercer Street storefront might not look like the most important place to buy jeans in the universe, it won't take more than a few seconds inside for you to figure the whole thing out. On the right are different cuts of denim, hung in plexiglass boxes on the wall, the fine art treatment for a pair of pants. Towards the back you'll probably catch a seamstress or two in the workshop, which is right there, in-house, working on jeans you could soon walk out wearing. In the center of the room, you'll find denim customizations of every possible variant, waiting for you to pick from them: Rivets, buttons, pocket shapes, linings, pipings, selvedge strips, interior pocket patterns. If there's a way to customize a pair of jeans, they have it, and they will do it. But nothing will prepare you for what's on the left side of the room: The Denim Wall. No, really: It's a wall that feels like a mountain, stacked topped to bottom with various giant spools of denim, and denim that's been personally collected from all over the world and brought here, for you. Black denim, grey denim, blue denim that fades to purple, purple denim that fades blue, denim as heavy as shag carpet or as light as tracing paper, denim that tastes like schnozzberries, etc. And yeah, we might've made one of those up, but then again, having seen with our own eyes the variants of denim Morrison has collected, and what one can do with them: For the right price? We wouldn't put it past them, either. —Foster Kamer