Year released: 1996

The first bona fide phenomenon for the Sony Playstation. Tekken and Ridge Racer were great arcade games and Wipeout broke Britain, but Lara Croft took over the world. Tomb Raider was also released on the Saturn and PC, but its association with the Playstation brand wouldn't be challenged until Crystal Dynamics took over the franchise from Core Design in 2006.

Tomb Raider had a spooky, ethereal atmosphere that was rarely seen in games at the time. Unlike its sequels, enemies were sparse and almost entirely comprised of beasts, rather than humans, and crucially, there were actual tombs in it; later entries tried to mix it up with cities, secret bases, and labs to mixed results.

Last year's excellent reboot, though far removed from the style of the original, has also gone a long way to showcase the brand's continued relevance 18 years after Lara Croft's original adventure.