Every system needs its killer app, that one game that proud owners can point to and mark out in satisfied triumph. Sometimes, such a game can drop right off the bat from launch, as was the case for the SNES, N64, and original Xbox. In other instances, it can take a year or two for a system to pick up steam with its games, such as the PS3 and Wii U

This is a trait which certainly applies to the latest crop of consoles. This year's Titanfall, an excellent shooter in its own right, has nonetheless failed to ignite the Xbox One's first year on the market as its intended killer app, while the PS4's most awaited exclusives, such as BloodborneUncharted 4, and The Order 1886, are all penciled in for release in 2015. 

While gamers deliberate over what the elusive killer app could be for the recently released consoles—which are arguably drumming up the most excitement over their multi-platform titles so far—Complex has compiled a list of the first must-have games for each major home gaming platform from 1985 to the present.