Summer is the best. You’ve known this since your six-year-old self was shuffled on to a yellow bus and forced to go to school, only to find out that you couldn’t stop going until it was summer again. The giddy excitement of summer can give way to tedious boredom if you don’t have a plan. Everybody has big dreams as they count down the minutes until that final bell rings, but those dreams can easily fall away into an endless cycle of watching old cartoons on Netflix and mindlessly checking Facebook for beach photos of attractive classmates. This summer, don’t allow all of your vacation’s potential to waste away into naps on the sofa and reality TV marathons. Make this summer count.

In those precious months before school returns and you find yourself once again a prisoner of dioramas and book reports, you need to think ahead if you are going to make the most of every day. Sure, you probably have chores, that summer job, and required reading to take worry about, but besides that, all you have is time. You can save the rigorous hour-by-hour scheduling for the school year, but you should still have a plan. Today, we’re going to start you on your way to a fun-filled summer that you can remember fondly when you’re once again back at a desk, counting down the minutes until the bell rings. Here are 10 Things Every Guy Needs to Do This Summer.