Sega has revealed that Sigourney Weaver, and most of the remaining Alien cast, will make an appearance in the the upcoming Alien: Isolation title.

Weaver and crew (including Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton and Yaphet Kotto) all recorded new dialogue for the survival-horror title set to drop this October. Two missions will be added, Crew Expendable and Last Survivor, that will let players play as Ripley and the rest of the crew of the Nostromo. While that's awesome on every possible level, what's not awesome is that both of these missions are being offered as pre-order DLC.

All pre-orders for the game will come with the Crew Expendable mission. Meanwhile, GameStop has secured the pre-order mission Last Survivor as an exclusive. Which sucks considering that it seems a bit of a waste of the assembled talent.

Relegating Sigourney Weaver to the 'probably-won't-play-this-cause-I-don't-give-GameStop-my-money' limbo seems like a wasted opportunity. I'll be playing Alien: Isolation this fall, it just seems I won't be playing with any of the original cast. 

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