If someone hashtags a photo with #nofilter, and it seems too good to be true, it probably is. According to social media marketing company Spredfast, some of the people claiming their pictures are natural are probably lying about it. Statistically, there is an 11 percent chance they are lying to you when they attach a #nofilter tag.

Spredfast ran an in-house data analysis using information from Instagram’s public API on the last 100,000 uploaded with a #nofilter tag. What they found was that 11 percent of these pictures did in fact have a filter on them. This should come as no surprise as third party filter apps have become more popular.

Before you start worrying about being deceived, just take a breath. Filter Fakers offers an automated feed of photographs uploaded to Instagram with fake #nofilter tags and a plug-in to show you which of your friends are lairs.

Sure, when you think about it, adding a #nofilter tag isn’t really going to hurt anybody. But then again, do you really like being lied to? If you can’t trust a person, might as well do what you can to catch them red-handed.

[via Daily Dot]