In case you no longer have a PSP lying around (or just don't feel like lugging a portable system around town), Capcom has seen fit to release a port of 2009's Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS, and it's available right now. Much like the original game, you can still do four player battles in order to fell giant beasts through wifi, while controller support is thankfully included, since who wants to play such an in-depth game with a ridiculously cluttered UI?

The iOS port of Freedom Unite also includes improved visuals over its PSP cousin, as well as a touchscreen camera, chat functionality and monster tracking abilities. Much like Square's iOS RPGs, this one runs a somewhat steep $15 for the app, though on the game's App Store listing it says there aren't any additional costs beyond that, so maybe it's actually not a bad deal, considering Freedom Unite has potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay. Now if only Capcom would bring back Mega Man Legends...

[Via Joystiq

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