A man spent over a day locked inside of the Cook County Jail after the door to a visiting room locked behind him. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, the man was visiting his son, who's awaiting trial on drug charges and has spent the last 13 months af the facility. After being told to enter an area he wasn't familiar with, the door—which had been propped open—shut and locked behind him. He remained locked in the maximum security prison for 31 hours, as the room was hardly ever used on the weekends.

Fortunately, the crafty man managed to break a sprinkler, which got the attention of the Chicago Fire Department. The Tribune adds that he was eventually taken to Rush University Medical Center for stitches after cutting his hand in the process.

Cara Smith, Cook County Jail executive director, told the Tribune that she met with the man early Monday morning, and that he was taken back to the jail to retrieve his vehicle.

[via Chicago Tribune]

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