One of the iPhone's many claims to fame is its ability to map users' location. Case in point, if you and your friend are meeting up, you can track their location to know where they are. And on Friday, the Chinese state media branded Apple’s iPhone as a threat to national security because of its ability to track these locations.

Chinese news station CCTV stated that the iPhone’s “frequent locations” function is a threat because it claims data could be accessed from frequent locations, and could reveal an entire country’s economic situation. According to Reuters, Apple did not give a comment pertaining to the situation. 

This isn’t the first time Apple’s intentions have been questioned by Chinese state media. It has previously accused the company of providing user data to U.S. intelligence agencies and has called for “severe punishment.”

National security and control of privacy and personal data is a big issue, as smartphones are only getting smarter. Many countries and government entities have come under fire for their abuse of information found on smartphones; most of which are due to location tracking.

[via Reuters]