Time may be a flat circle, but that circle feels like it's moving slow as hell when it comes to HBO revealing the cast for Season 2 of True Detective

The network's executives said we won't have to wait much longer though. Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour in L.A. tonight, HBO programming president Michael Lombardo said some casting announcements are coming in "the next week."

As for who the stars will be, Lombardo was cryptic, saying, "I think the truth of the matter is a number of people — talented, well-known actors — look for great writing. ... I think the people we will cast will be well-known names, but that wasn't the ambition."

"I think we decided early on to free ourselves of the idea of a 'star' and lean into great acting," he added.

The season, which creator Nic Pizzolatto told The DailyBeast will have four central roles, will take place in California, according to Pizzolatto's interview with To the Best of Our Knowledge.

Pizzolatto has already denied rumors that the cast would include star-power like Christian BaleJessica  Brad Pitt.

Lombardo did tell the press tour he has read the first scripts for Season 2, and said "I hate to jinx it, but they are more exciting than the first season. Nic [Pizzolatto]’s an incredibly talented writer and he’s blown us away with the first two episodes."

HBO has yet to set a premiere date for Season 2.

[Via Mashable