Google has just released an ingenious new trivia game based around everyone's favorite mapping technology, Google Maps. Smarty Pins is a browser game that asks you questions with geographic answers. Categories include entertainment, sports and games, and arts and culture, and you play the game by dropping a pin on the correct city or location that the question indicates. For instance, if the game asked you where Will Smith was once considered the "Fresh Prince", you would move your pin to Bel-Air. 

You lose the game by answering questions incorrectly. Depending on how far off your pin is, you lose miles from your points meter, which starts out with 1000 miles. Hopefully, you've been brushing up on your geography lately.

Essentially, Smarty Pins is a simple, well-designed timesuck that stretches your brain while getting you better acquainted with Google's mapping technology. Play it here

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