Neymar's World Cup-ending injury has proved to be devastating for Brazil. Currently, the team is losing 5-0 in their semifinal match to Germany. The result of the match will be one of the most embarrassing defeats that any team has had to suffer in the World Cup. The pure humiliation is only magnified when you consider that this defeat is taking place in Brazil's home country. We're not trying to rub dirt in the face of Brazilian fans, we're simply stating a fact. 

To make matters even worse, we've now uncovered exclusive footage of the injury that took Neymar out of commission for the remainder of the global tournament. You know that a broken back is what took down the talented young star, but how closely have you looked at the footage of his injury? Did you notice that Ryu, Miley Cyrus, and a whole cast of other fictional characters were actually responsible for Neymar's pain? Watch the video above and you'll see what we mean. 

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