For those who don't know, before playing the dim-witted, human-Bran-carriage on Game of Thrones, Kristian Nairn was a mainstay on the house DJ circuit in the UK. Now with a little time off from filming Thrones, he's getting back to his roots -- in the best way possible.

The perfectly-named "Rave of Thrones" will be hitting cities across Australia in August and September, or as an indulgent press release puts it, "For one night only in every capital across this land venues will be transformed into the finest halls of Westeros."

The release also promises a medieval dress code "enforced by the Hand of the King," a Thrones-themed visual set, and a rave that will definitely NOT end like the Red Wedding. So thank god for that.

"Rave of Thrones" kicks off on August 28 in Sydney. RSVP by raven only (but not really). 

[via BuzzFeed]

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