Last night, Cliff Bleszinski took to Reddit to hold court with his fans in an Ask Me Anything session. During the talk, Bleszinski doled out life lessons, discussed the current climate in the gaming industry, and even received a question from Palmer Luckey about the Oculus Rift. We've compiled the best quotes and questions from the talk in a series of images below. 

On the Oculus Rift:

On his outspoken attitude toward the gaming industry:
On micro-transactions:
On his design process:
On user-generated content:
On the creation of Project Blue Streak:
On his hiatus:
On life and money:
On making Project Blue Streak a free-to-play game:
On game development, and making it big with your first project:

Unfortunately, Bleszinski had no news to offer regarding a concrete release date for Blue Streak. All he could say was that it's "a fair ways off." However, he did release concept art for the project. 

It looks like there's a lot to get excited about.

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