Because this story requires a Pulp Fiction reference: Imagine how hard it would be to hide a watch up your ass if you had a hook hand. 

Christopher Walken has been cast to play Captain Hook in the upcoming NBC production of Peter Pan

Walken "might be the first tap-dancing Hook you’ve ever seen,” NBC chief Bob Greenblatt told reporters at the ongoing TV Critics Association press tour this morning.

NBC plans to broadcast the musical Peter Pan live on Dec. 4. They announced Peter Pan earlier this year in the wake of scoring a massive hit with last December's live performance of The Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood

There was no word on who might play Peter Pan, or if the role will go to a male or female actor, but Deadline reports that Greenblatt brought up Miley Cyrus's name, then later said none of the names mentioned are among stars actually being considered for the role.

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift were among the previously rumored options that Greenblatt shot down. 

For the record, Cyrus tweeted back in February, "I would rather choke on my own tongue," in response to rumors she might play Tinkerbell in the production. 

This won't be the first time NBC airs a live Peter Pan. Back in 1955 the network broadcast a version of the Tony Award-winning musical to an audience of 65 million viewers, which set a record at that time. 

Honestly, the Hook casting is more interesting than any of the other roles anyway, especially since we can now debate the merits of Walken vs. Dustin Hoffman, whose 1991 performance in Hook set the standard for all future Hooks (see below, RIP Bob Hoskins). 

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