The California Highway Patrol is reviewing the medical records of the woman who was captured on video being punched several times by an officer earlier this month. 

Th video, which went viral on Jul. 1, shows the officer savagely beating Marlene Pinnock, who had been walking along Interstate 10 west of downtown Los Angeles. The incident left Pinnock with injuries series enough to warrant medical attention. 

Pinnock's attorney, Caree Harper, is reportedly furious that the agency responsible for her injuries was able to hurdle doctor-patient privacy rules to access her files thanks to a search warrant.

Though CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow wouldn't confirm the warrant to the Associated Press, he said he believed that authorities are trying to get some statement from Pinnock (she was obviously unable to give one before), rather than "put her on trial or make it an issue about her."

The officer, who still has yet to be identified, remains on desk duty.

[via Gawker and Associated Press]

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