The fastest-rising baby name of 2014 so far, according to Nameberry, is treading dangerously close to the parental danger zone. 

People have apparently taken to naming their sons Archer, which although we have no concrete proof, is obviously an homage to the world's greatest secret agent / douchiest animated character of all time, Sterling Archer. 

As Archer would say, "How hard is it to poach a goddamn egg properly? Seriously, that's like Eggs 101, Woodhouse." (Yeah he probably wouldn't care.)

Overall Archer ranked at No. 42 for boys so far this year, right behind Bodhi (RIP Patrick Swayze, and his Point Break character), and several spots above Django, because, yeah, Quentin Tarantino. 

The No. 1 most popular name for boys so far this year is Asher and the most popular for girls is Imogen

[Via Uproxx]