Americans may not recognize Rogê's name, but before the end of the World Cup they will certainly have heard his music. Though Rogê's brand of laid-back samba is a hit in his home country of Brazil (he's a frequent collaborator with the Seu Jorge), he now has the potential to reach new ears across the planet. With the World Cup here and the Olympics fast approaching, Rogê has been tapped to bring samba to a global audience. That means serving as ESPN's Ambassador to Brazil for its 2014 Cup coverage, and by working with the channel on a series of documentaries that will air during the next few weeks. "All my life I’ve waited for the World Cup here in Brazil," says Rogê. "I love this place, I love my city." 

Rogê will also travel throughout Brazil, showing the world what his country looks like through the eyes of a samba star. After his work with the 2014 World Cup, Rogê will take on an even bigger challenge: He's been asked to write the theme song to the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. In celebration of the World Cup, we asked Rogê to share some of his favorite hangouts and actives in his home city. From amazing restaurants to classic samba venues, this is Rio through the eyes of a real carioca

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