In a robbery that would make the crew from Oceans 11 proud, a group of professional thieves a million dollars worth of gold from a Washington jewelry store. 

According to MyNorthwest, the owners of Puyallup, Wash.'s Gold Definitions Jewelers arrived at the store on Monday to find an empty safe. Puyallup Police Captain Scott Engle told MyNorthwest that at least four burglars climbed onto the roof on Sunday morning and put their intricate plan into motion. 

"They appeared to have gotten up on the roof of a business to the south of the [the jewelery store] and cut a large hole in the roof, and scaled down the business," he explained. This is where the Hollywood-esque drama starts: 

They used a flexible camera scope you see in the movies to "look through the walls" to find the safe. They then climbed back on the roof and cut a hole in the business on the other side of the jewelry store and busted out the wall behind the safe.

From there, they cut through the back of the safe, then removed its contents with ease. The most impressive feat is that they didn't trigger any alarms, and were only captured by a very small camera protruding from one from the walls. 

Engle noted that the burglars, who spent four hours on this job, were clearly experienced. "They knew what they were doing," he told MyNorthwest. "They were very determined in what they did."

The only image police have of them is that of "shadowy figures" seen on a surveillance camera about a block away from the crime. MyNorthwest adds that there's a $10,000 reward being offered on CrimeStoppers for information about the burglary.

[via MyNorthwest]

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