Think Like a Man Too is coming to theaters on June 20th. If you recall, two years ago the hilarious hit film Think Like a Man introduced us to a super fun crew of fellas, who met their match with a group of equally hilarious ladies. In a very inventive twist, members from both groups were dubbed with some very familiar archetypes that anyone who’s ever spent time in the dating world is sure to recognize. And when different couples from each paired off, things got real interesting real quick.

There was doe-eyed Dominic, "the Dreamer" (Michael Ealy) squared up against Lauren, "the Woman Who Is Her Own Man" (Taraji P. Henson). Then there was Michael "the Mama's Boy" (Terrence J) facing off with a different kind of mama than he was used to in Candace, "the Single Mom" (Regina Hall). Meanwhile, perpetual “Player” Zeke, (Romany Malco), got more than he bargained for with Mya, "the 90 Day Rule Girl" (Meagan Good), who was dedicated to the principle of making men wait three whole months for a certain sumpin’ sumpin’. And Jeremy, "the Non-Committer" (Jerry Ferrara), was trying to carefully navigate his relationship with Kristen, "the Girl Who Wants the Ring" (Gabrielle Union). Add a few more friends to that, including Bennett "the Happily Married Man" (Gary Owen), and, of course, Cedric "the Happier Divorced Guy" (Kevin Hart), and you had an all-star cast of true characters.

Well, guess what? They’re back. And they’ve brought some new friends—and new challenges—with them. In Think Like a Man Too, we pick up with both groups as they head to Las Vegas for Michael and Candace’s wedding. (Mama, of course, is also in tow.) Both the fellas and the ladies are gearing up for a sick bachelor/bachelorette weekend, while still trying to navigate the finer points of their respective relationships. Dominic and Lauren are doing well together, but are facing some challenges individually. Zeke has remained committed to Maya, but his past as a player keeps popping up at the least opportune times. Jeremy finally did commit, and is now married to Kristen, but that doesn’t mean all their issues have gone away. The (still) happily married Bennett suddenly finds that a weekend in Vegas might finally give his relationship its first big challenge. And Cedric is getting divorced…again.

Think Like a Man Too also includes some stellar supporting performances and sweet cameos from the likes of Adam Brody, Dennis Haysbert, Carl Weathers, and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The sparks fly on June 20th, when the much anticipated sequel hits theaters, so don’t wait—get your tickets now!