In recent years, Prince has made it a point to say that he has never really understood the Internet. He has gone as far as saying the Internet is “over” and that technology is just “no good for you”.  Clearly, Prince’s theory backfired and the Internet is still alive and well. The only option left for the artist formerly known as The Artist was to embrace the Internet, and he has done so in a big way.

According to an interview with The Minnesota Star Tribune, Prince revealed that a track from his upcoming album is inspired by a rather popular Internet meme.  Apparently, Prince loved the #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin meme so much that we wrote a ballad in its honor. The meme (see above) features Prince and Apollonia Kotero riding a motorcycle in 1984’s Purple Rain and has been seen all over the Internet since January. 

According to Jon Bream, a reporter from The Minnesota Star Tribune, the ballad is “joyful with some ecstatic Prince vocalizing”.  Although the album itself is still without a name or set release date, we can only hope that we get to hear this song as soon as possible.

Prince recently sued his own fans for $22 million over the distribution of his records through websites and Facebook. No wonder he hates the Internet. One step at a time, Prince. One step at a time.


[via Dazed Digital

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