In an interview with Yahoo, Jeremy Renner revealed that not only will he be guest starring on tonight’s episode of Louie, but that he was supposed to have another famous actor alongside him:

Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Regarding his role, Renner said:

I play a real character in Louie's life. Phil [Seymour] Hoffman was supposed to be in it, too. It's about young Louie, so he isn't even acting in it — he's just directing it. Yeah, then Phil unfortunately passed, but I guess they were able to pull the episode together.

While missing out on a Louie appearance is pretty low on the spectrum of tragedy surrounding Hoffman’s death, it still is really disappointing that we won’t get to see him.

Hoffman routinely crushed every role he was in, so we can only imagine how amazing this performance would have been. Whether he was creepy Scotty in Boogie Nights or the titular character in Capote, the Oscar-winning actor always found a way to put a unique, captivating spin on his character and leave the audience riveted.

Plus, he knew how to let it rain.

[via Yahoo]