For those just dying to know about Season 14 of American Idol, at last we have answers.

Everybody is coming back.

THR is reporting that Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. have all agreed to return next season, as has host Ryan Seacrest. The Dream Team is staying together, and creator/executive producer Simon Fuller could not be happier:

“I am thrilled our consummate host, Mr. Ryan Seacrest, is returning for Season 14, together with Jennifer, Harry and Keith. Their interaction, warmth and experience made them an absolute joy to watch. I can't wait to see their evolution together continue next season.”

The show has seen its ratings begin to sag over the previous years as viewer fatigue has begun to set in. How could it not? How many musical superstars must we try to discover in the same exact way before America cries out “no more”?

Apparently, we need at least one more season to work through these feelings. We won’t have as much time to do it, however; Season 14 will only have a total of 37 hours of Idol programming, compared with the standard 50 there has been in the past.

[via Vulture]