Last month, a kind customer blessed a waitress at a North Carolina Waffle House with a $1,000 tip. However, due to an internal policy, the restaurant forced the woman to refund the money. 

The Charlotte Observer reports that during the early hours of Mother's Day, a man told Shaina Brown that he was going to "bless her," and did with a $1,500 tip. He then instructed her to keep $1,000, then give the remainder to a waitress at another table. 

However, the man left the hefty tip on his credit card, and the Waffle House maintains that it only allows employees to accept tips of that size in cash or by check. Thus, Brown was ordered to refund the man's tip. The dejected Brown told the Observer it felt like she had been robbed. 

Fortunately, the Observer's Josh Shaffer located the generous Raleigh businessman, who asked not to be identified, but agreed to write Brown a personal check after being briefed on what happened. 

In the end, Brown won.

[via Charlotte Observer and Gawker]

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