Little is known about Studio MDHR's forthcoming video game, Cuphead, other than the fact that it looks goddamn amazing. Why exactly? Because it's a 2D sidescroller done in the animation style of Disney's greatest old-school cartoons like "Steamboat Willie".

Seriously, there's no greater vintage for cartooning than the early days of Walt Disney, and Cuphead manages to capture that iconic era with panache. As you'll see from the game's latest trailer, the title features Cuphead and his companion Mugman as they embark on their latest storyline, Don't Deal With the Devil. Presumably, Mugman will be available as a co-op sidekick.

Unfortunately, a concrete release date remains unknown. The only information we have regarding the title is that it will drop in 2015 for both PC and Xbox One.

Watch another Cuphead trailer—released in earlier in the year—below. 

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