A man who was being pursued by police crashed into a flatbed truck, resulting in his gruesome decapitation. The man had been fleeing cops after refusing to stop for a traffic violating. Upon exiting the Brooklyn Queens Expressway at Atlantic Avenue, he smashed into the tractor trailer at high speed.

"When he exited here he was driving 70 to 80 miles per hour, and the trailer was waiting for the light... Highway patrol was chasing him. When I went to see what happened to the driver, he had no head. His head was in the back seat. It was horrible." witness Joseph Vega told The Post

The man apparently had a 22-year-old female passenger with him. "She came out screaming," Vega told DNAinfo. "The driver [of the trailer] came out too. He was in shock. He got out of the trailer. He was sitting on the ground."

[via New York PostDNAinfoand Gothamist]

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