Because every father wants a free lap dance for Father's Day, a Long Island strip club is offering them to lucky dads this weekend. 

Long Island's Show Palace will reportedly treat the first 100 father's to free entry and a lap dance this Sunday. What's more, it can be a father-son bonding experience. "There are guys who come in with their kid if they just turned 18," dancer Starlight told the New York Daily News. "Like father, like son, you know?"

Some might argue that you haven't truly lived until you and your old man have gotten simultaneous lap dances to "Stuntin' Like My Daddy," while others will contend that this is in poor taste. Regardless, it's happening. 

"We’re trying to think of new ways to do everything," manager Mike Diaz told the Daily News. "If you’re a young father, these people are still alive. They’re not dead!"

[via New York Daily News

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