The parkour infused zombie adventure Dying Light won't be coming out until February of 2015. Yet that doesn't mean it can't scoop some E3 hype too. Check out the new trailer showing off some of the humans you'll be slaughtering to go along with the zombie hordes.

Dying Light features a world set in a quarantined city where the player, an agile fighter skilled in parkour, can scale buildings while throwing lethal elbows into zombie skulls. Also released today is a walkthrough of some zombie killing in action. The walkthrough has the player saving other trapped humans while jump kicking and swinging an ax at various types of zombie enemies.

When the sun goes down the zombies act differently than in daylight so players will have to be strategic about planning their attacks by setting traps and staying out of the darkness. Dying Light is set to drop on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in February, 2015.

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[via Gamatsu]