Until today, the only info we had on Warner Bros.’ Justice League franchise was that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice would be released on May 6, 2016. But, thanks to Nikke Finke, we now have a whole lot more.

Today, she unveiled the lineup that Warner Bros. had been holding on to for July’s Comic-Con, and it’s got the release date of pretty much every movie that falls under the Justice League umbrella. The schedule is as follows:

  • May 2016: Batman V. Superman
  • July 2016: Shazam (Yes! Shaq will finally make his move back to the big screen) (Just kidding. This franchise might actually star The Rock, which would be equally awesome)
  • Christmas 2016: Sandman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt will star)
  • May 2017: Justice League
  • July 2017: Wonder Woman
  • Christmas 2017: Flash and Green Lantern team-up (no Ryan Reynolds)
  • May 2018: Man Of Steel 2 (if Henry Cavill is this jacked today, what will he look like by the time this one comes out four years from now?)

That’s a lot of movies, with a lot of hype attached to them. But now that you know, you can start planning out the next four years of your life well in advance.

[via Indiewire]