In a summer that has already seen so many huge action hits come and go, it’s easy to forget that we still have several blockbusters yet to land.

Chief among them is Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules, a big budget action epic directed by Brett Ratner. The first teaser (as is true with most) failed to give us much in the way of plot, but such is not the case with the full trailer.

Here, we see that Hercules is a bit older and simply wants to be with his family (think Russell Crowe in Gladiator). Only problem is, because of Hercules’ past sins, it appears they all get murdered and earth is facing a potential apocalypse. Thus, it is time for some good old-fashioned vengeance and ass kicking, complete with epic battle sequences, lots of yelling, and nary a shirt in sight.

The movie comes out July 25th, and if this trailer is any indication, it looks like one you won’t want to miss:

[via Indiewire]