If you love novelty (and gold), you'll have a special affinity for this Stack's Bowsers Gold-to-go ATM

Located in Midtown Manhattan, the gold ATM dispenses—you guessed it—gold:

Scouting NY spotted the mini Fort Knox this week, located just outside Stack's Bowers's shop on West 57th Street. The machine allows you to use a credit card or cash to purchase one ounce gold bars for around $1,300, in addition to 10 gram bars for about $490 and 5 gram bars for $255, depending on market prices. You can also purchase gold and silver coins, along with commemorative Bronx Zoo silver coins and pieces, in case you want a memento from a tourist attraction located several miles north—all purchases come packaged in an attractive gift box.

Stack's Bowers' own Andrew Bowers told Gothamist he bought the machine from TG-Gold-Super-Markt roughly two years ago. He noted that, as of last year, there were two others like in the U.S.—one in Las Vegas, and the other in Atlantic City. 

He says it's used rather frequently, because people love shiny things.

[via Gothamist]

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