Now that your tears from The Fault in Our Stars have dried up, it’s probably time for you to start thinking about your next John Green-fueled weep fest.

Green’s debut effort Looking for Alaska had been bought by Paramount all the way back in 2005, but it has sat dormant since then. However, the book’s delayed recognition (it finally hit the New York Times Bestseller List until 2012) and the huge success of the Fault in Our Stars at the box office meant that now was the perfect time to finally revive the project.

At one point The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz was slated to both write and direct, but it now appears that the book will be adapted by Sarah Polley, whose critically acclaimed work includes Away From Her and Take This Waltz. Considering how profitable Fault in Our Stars has been and how hot Green’s name is right now, expect this project to get the fast track treatment.

We’ll all be crying again soon enough.

[via THR]