Several people were injured yesterday during a religious ceremony in a Houston suburb after a floor in the home where it was being held collapsed. 

According to USA Today, the Houston Fire Department said that as many as 125 people met for the gathering when the second floor of the garage apartment at the Harris County, Texas home collapsed around 1 p.m. USA Today adds that dozens of people were injured. 

The attendees were members of Jainism religion, one of India's four major religions. The congregated at the home to join another religious leader from India in celebration. A witness told USA Today they were in the midst of prayer when the collapse happened: "Everyone was busy praying and it just collapsed." 

A total of 50 people were reportedly hospitalized with injuries ranging from minor to "urgent." The collapse is being attributed to "at least" 40 people being in a space designed to hold a maximum of six. 

[via USA Today]

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