A hard-to-identify mammal has been seen in the Bronx recently. This weasel relative is known as a fisher

The Daily Intelligencer adds that fishers previously inhabited Manhattan, but vanished after the 1600s due to the price of their furs. Now they're staking a claim to Bronx real estate. Officer Derek Lenart of the 46th Precinct told DNAinfo that he first spotted a fisher a couple of months back. 

"I was like, 'What was that?' It wasn’t a raccoon. It wasn't a possum," he explained. "It was really kind of like, 'I've never seen this creature before,' so I started driving after it." Puzzled by what he saw, he snapped a picture. 

Though they're capable of killing deer and are the lone known mammal in North America that can kill and eat a porcupine, they're no threat to humans. Plus, they eat rats, so they're your friends. 

[via Daily Intelligencer and DNAinfo]

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