Germany for the win! At least that's what Electronic Arts (EA) is predicting with FIFA 14. According to the video game Germany will win the World Cup this year in Brazil.

EA posted the pre-tournament predictions today based on its soccer franchise, EA SPORTS FIFA, which—after running simulations of the 32-team World Cup—concluded that the virtual team most likely to win in real life is Germany.

EA was able to simulate the 2014 FIFA World Cup and test all 32 teams under the same conditions they will face in the weeks ahead in Brazil,” said the company. “It was determined that Germany will defeat Brazil 2-1... to win the country's fourth FIFA World Cup.”

Is it possible that Germany could defeat Brazil on its home turf? Even with the distractions of half-naked women, uncovered stadiums, hooligans and likely riots? Before you discount EA's results note that the game “accurately predicted that Spain would prevail as the tournament champions” last time around.

Here is a late stage breakdown of how the simulated FIFA 14 tournament played out.


Brazil 1 - 2 Germany (ET)

3rd Place Game

Portugal 1 - 3 Spain

Semi Finals

Brazil 1 - 0 Portugal

Spain 0 - 0 Germany (Germany 5-4 pens)

Quarter Finals

Brazil 2 - 2 Uruguay (Brazil 4-3 pens)

Portugal 4 - 3 Nigeria

England 0 - 2 Spain

Germany 2 - 1 Argentina

Round of 16

Brazil 3 - 1 Netherlands

Ivory Coast 2 - 3 Uruguay

France 0 - 1 Nigeria

Portugal 2 - 0 Russia

Spain 3 - 1 Mexico

England 1 - 1 Colombia (England 4-3 pens)

Argentina 2 - 0 Ecuador

Belgium 1 - 2 Germany

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